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    New from Australia

    Hi all

    Thanks for the add to the forum.

    Not new to Remington 700’s but always ready to listen and learn.

    Bit of background, live in Brisbane Australia, bought my first 700BDL in 25/06 in 1985, shot the barrel out, rebarelled with another 25/06 take out barrel. It never shot anywhere near as good as the first barrel which was a tack hole gun. Easily shot .5moa with Hornady 100gn interlock.

    Had a break for a while, wanted a Sendero but cheaper out and got the Roger 77VT in 25/06 which never really cut the mustard so it went the way of the dodo and experimented with a 7STW in a Ruger there is a caliber that makes a 25/06 look like its mild on barrels.

    Currently have a tricked up 700BDL in 222, has a HS precision stock, fulled trued action with a 3 lever trigger conversion and runs a premium barrel. All built by one of Australia’s benchrest gunsmiths. It shoots better than I ever will.
    Anyway its time to finally get that 25/06 Sendero I always wanted - but sadly that isn’t going to happen to its time to build one - bought a REM 700 SPS wood tech (RR serial number) in 270 for the price of the action alone. Have another HS precision stock ready to go.

    Just working out which barrel to get at present, unfortunately Kreigers etc are crazy expensive here and local barrels are only in 1:10 twist. I’d love to get a 1:8.5 or 1:9 to make sure I can stablise the Berger and Barnes 115’s.

    Anyway will post up a separate thread on the build when it gets going.



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    Welcome to the forum from New York Craig. I have spent a lot of time in your wonderful city. I ran the Western Hemisphere section of a division of TNT for a lot of years and was down under at least once a month. I have friends who travel to Australia to shoot Bench Rest. Maybe we can get one of them to travel with a Spare Kreiger Barrel and leave it behind. All my Centerfire Bench Rest rifles are Kreiger Barrels. I have Bartlein's on my rimfire bench rest rifles.

    A few years back when the U.S. Bench Rest Team went to Australia, the regulations precluded bringing in powder and for short range bench rest, most load on the bench. Loaded ammo was OK, so lots of 6PPC and 30BR rounds brought in as well as a bunch of 50 caliber rounds, but they were filled with Powder for the PPCs and 30 BRs. Pulled the projectiles and vola - powder for loading.

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    Hi Hux270,

    A warm welcome to the 700 rifle forum.

    Visit often.


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