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  1. Law Enforcement/Military
    Hey guys, new to the forum and excited to learn. I've been around firearms my entire life but growing up in Illinois where i can only hunt with slugs, bolt guns (espically larger calibers) were toys and unneeded. The only bolt gun i had any significant experience with was my fathers old...
  2. Law Enforcement/Military
    Hey guys. I am waiting for my xcr 300 win mag to arrive, and thought i could use the time to (hopefully) narrow Down the selection of ammo that this rifle shoots Well with. Main usage Will be target practice and a bit of hunting(boars, deer and so on) Yes i know it differs rifle to rifle, But...
  3. Tactical Accessories
    Does anyone know the right size of the muzzle you need for the Sendero 300 win mag? What would you guys suggest as the best kind of muzzle for this riffle?? threaded or clamp on??
1-3 of 3 Results