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  1. Classifieds
    Would like to sell: Magpul Hunter 700 Stock (black) with all the parts for length of pull. In original box. Used on AAC-SD for approximately 6 months. Please contact me if interested. $150 OBO. Located in Gray , TN 37615 Will entertain trades. I can do PayPal or Money orders. Contact me to...
  2. General Model 700's
    I have the Remington Model 700 BDL 30-06 with a wood stock. I believe it's an old model from the 70's. The barrel markings are "AZ". I'm looking for a recoil pad to fit the wood stock. I ordered the Remington Supercell 19483 that was supposed to fit my weapon but it's short. The butt of my...
  3. SPS Tactical
    Selling my JAE 700 stock. Check it out!! ARMSLIST - For Sale: JAE 700 Stock *HARD TO FIND*
  4. General Model 700's
    Hi all, First let me say this is my first post, I look forward to learning and contributing to this already great forum! I am building my first bolt action gun to introduce me into long range shooting, a remington 700 varmint .308 I replaced the stock with a bell and Carlson and the bolt...
  5. My 700
    This is my new stock on my 700 lol or whats left of a 700 excellent quality solid allumium check them out at
  6. SPS Tactical
    Hello, I wanted to post here to ask a few questions about a stock I am building. I made a carbon fiber composite stock for a Springfield M1A that I own and it turned out really well (see attached images). I am actually getting a lot of interest in it from the M14/M1A crowd. I think my next...
1-6 of 6 Results