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Here are my best groups shot up to date.

The top groups would of ended up a 4 shot groups because I only had 8 shots total of this load. This was the best of the two groups. The problem was I could not spot my first shot which was almost dead center. So I shot a second and kept the same aim point for the 3rd,and 4th shot. I think even with the 4 it would of made one hell of a group. Its at .217 for three shots. I guess not bad

The load

175 SMK
44.5 gr Varget
CCI BR-2 primer
Winchester Case trimmed to 2.005
COAL was 2.800

One secret to the better accuracy is the fact that I now use a Ogive measurement for COAL instead of measuring from the tip of a SMK bullet.

The second shots was the same stuff, but measuring at .319


Hum 88.6
Altitude 155ft
Baro 30.11

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