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100m Zero Shoot after 400m Fly Shoot

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G'day all.

Today I attended a 400m Fly shoot. One thing to say, it sucked. Mirage and wind was gusting like a bugger. One application i didnt even get on paper. But then after we had all finished, I re-zeroed my rifle for the ammo I was using and produce the following two groups.

Group 5 of the zero shoot.

Group 6.

Im very happy with this ammo at 100m. I need to try it at 200 - 500m now. Its Federal TRU 165gr HPBT. I think the bullet is a SGK. But not sure. I used it all today. Ill be getting some more though.

Cheers guys.
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Sierra Game King
That's an impressive group! Were you shooting soft point bullets? I think the Game Kings have an exposed lead tip don't they?
No, HPBT bullets but a crimped tip. have a look at them on sierra's site.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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