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NNIB Stainless Steel 700 EtronX In 22-250

For $900 and by acquiring a regular Bolt and Firing Pin Assemble for Approximately $150 @ , and picking up a regular Remington trigger, you'll virtually have Two rifles the price of one. One being rifle very similar to a Model 700 VS FS (Varmint Synthetic Stainless Fluted) that start at around $1,359 (MSRP) and a Rifle of the Future - The 700 Etronx - whose Book value last year was $1,250. Either way, you'll be getting a NNIB rifle very similar to a Remington 700 Varminter for a Very Good Price of $900. The rifle has Stainless Receiver and a Fluted Stainless 26" Barrel and an aluminum reinforced Stock.

Included in with my rifle is -

A Two Piece Nickel Steel Finish Scope Base, a set of Redfield Nickel Finish Steel Scope Rings
A Box (20-1=19 Rounds) of Remington ammo
A Box of 1,000 Primers
A Box of 100 Nosler Ballistic Bullets

Ship to FFL Holder in Lower 48 ONLY!

E-mail me for photo's if needed.
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