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2007 WV 10 Point

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Here's a few pictures of my buck that I took in the 2007 WV Rifle Season. I shot this buck at about 70 yards with my Rem 700 ADL chambered in .308. I made a good lung shot and the buck took about 3 quick steps and crashed down. I have had this rifle for about 11 seasons, and it's always done it's part if I could do mine.

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That's a nice deer! I would be happy with that as well! Nice to see it was a quick kill. I like it when they pretty much drop in their tracks.

What grain bullet did you use?
What, no rain gear? No pac boots? No snow shoes? You can hunt like that? :D

Nice looking buck. I'd like to hunt whitetail someday... we have a few whitetail in northeast Oregon, but I just love hunting mulies, too.
Nice buck mate. Good shooting.
Quick said:
Nice buck mate. Good shooting.
Thanks for the comments...this was taken in November of 2007, and we had an unseasonably warm rifle season last year. This year has been more like the norm for us, temps down in the single digits and a lot of snow.
We're getting it outside right now too, hopefully enough for a white Christmas.

Typically I deer hunt with 150 grain Remington Core-Lokt PSP's, though this year I started shooting Federal 180 Grain bullets. The 700 ADL seems to really like the 150 grains better as far as accuracy goes.

If you haven't whitetail hunted, I would highly recommend it. I am an avid hunter and I enjoy hunting all the game that I can. Here's a pic of a particularily cold squirrel hunt, temps down in the single digits. It was so cold, in fact, that the squirrels were staying in their nests...I luckily caught a glimpse of this guy stretching out on a branch and took him w/ my 22 WMR. As soon as I got him and snapped a few quick pictures, I headed for the house! I was cold, and one squirrel was enough for squirrel gravy and biscuits!
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Nice. We dont have whitetail down here ( I dont think). Rabbits, Foxes, Crows, stuff like that will be the main game I go after. Im going to my mates place this weekend and hopefully should be able to thin out the crow population a bit for thier orchards. Should be a bit of fun. The .22 and my 20GA w/ 6 shot. HEHEHE Fun Me thinks.
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