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hi need to know the best way to get the most out of the 22-250

i need to be able to hit out too 500 meters and to accurate to sub 1 moa out to 500m
should i use factory or load my own

need help please!!!!!!!!
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I don't think you'll do it with factory loads. Pretty hard to do it at 500 yards with a factory gun also.

500 yards is about the point where the BC of a bullet really starts to matter. If you have a standard twist barrel, you're not going to be able to take advantage of the better long range .22 bullets and will have to make do with 55 - 60 grain bullets. Are you going after paper or critters? Target bullets like Bergers will give you a slight edge on paper but don't do well on varmints.

Stock design, scope mounting and shooting position also become critical at that range. You might want to check out and benchrest Central to see how the F class shooters do it.
i want to get a remington 700 vlss i had a look on the internet and found this
it shows the rifle can hit 1 or sub moa and 100m and looks like to 300m its still 4" roughly = 1.25 moa. it is very accurate with the famous rem 700 bolt

he was using bushnell 3-9 and i was going to get a leupold vx-3 with "varmint hunter" reticles which show aiming points out to 500yards
i not going to get a shooting bench but only some Remington Front and Rear Sandbag Set for only $35 or a bipod to use

i think im going to go prone not using a bench for this and im only going for paper at this point if i can hit a A4 piece of paper i can get hit a goat but there will be only 400-200 ft-lbs energy which is double most .22 lr bullets at 100 yard "i think" but 500 is a long shot and most shots will be in 300 and the wedsite i saw showed the accuracy at 300 and using 55gr hornady here is still 770 ft-lbs

there are 3 aspects of hitting the target

1 accuracy of the rifle scope ect - the rifle should be accurate with the rem 700 bolt and thumbhole stock, the scope is leupold and with the "varmint hunter" reticles i think it would be easy to know high to aim
2 effects of wind and range ect - i can caculate range,wind,temperature,altitude ect but i will shot no a calm day 5mph wind or less and the target will proberly be a 450 meters if i can hit that easy and then hit say a target a 400m in one shot i will be happy :D
3 accuracy of the shooter- i can hit 1" group at 50m with my cheap ruger 10/22 with only a 4x32 scope so 2 moa with a cheap gun what could i do with one thats twice as good

in conclusion: with those three thing and some practice i can properly hit a A4 piece of paper at 400-500 meters/yards
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Sounds like you have it pretty well thought out. No matter what you end up with you'll find someone who will tell you that you did it wrong. Get what you feel will do the job and work it out from there. Good luck.
I think what Jerr said is true. You can really finesse a gun a long ways if you spend some time with it. You will certainly want to load your own ammo for it and try a collection of different bullets and decide on one that works best.

I've been playing with my AR-15 all summer and it's getting to the point where it's really dialed in and I know how it behaves so to speak!

Starting out with a solid rifle helps a tremendous deal as well. Sounds like you are doing your research!
hey bonk , just thought id reply because u said you were looking at getting a VX-3 leupold , presumably with varmint hunter rectical ?? i have that exact scope , and am pleased withit but no matter with what load (reloads!) the bullet impact has never co-incided with the aiming points !!! for instance . with my best load - on a large target 60" deep (bullseye at top !)
zero @ 200 yards !
put target out at 300 yrds , fired 5 shot group still aiming at bullseye , bullet drop was 7 " ! i then put another bullseye over the 5 shot group @ 300 !
went back to firing point and adjusted the zoom to braket the recticals 200 and 300 lines with the bullseyes !!
i cheaked by firing another 300 group using the the300 yrd drop line and was bang on !
then put out target @400 yds , it was 4" low , hhmm , so i put it out @500 to see where it was and it was 11" low !!! from using the 500 yrd sightline !
now i just dial in the cliks on the turret , which works well but ultimatly im after another scope with tactical turrets , im saving for a nightforce 5-22x56 , soo just letting you know that its not a case of just buying a scope with that rectical and hit every thing out to 500 yds ! well it didnt work for me anyway .. fanks ..
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