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.223 Case Length Question

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I have some Federal (FC Headstamp) .223 cases that are once fired and they are well bellow the 1.75" "standard trim-to" length. Most of them are around 1.745" or even 1.74". Should I just trim them to 1.74"?

I would like them to be uniform length, but not sure if that's too short or not? Do you always trim to the 1.75" for .223?
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Yes, 1.75" is what I trim to.

Did you run them through a full-length sizing die before you measured them?
Yes, I always run through a full length size before trimming. They are coming out about 1.743" - 1.748". I'm trimming to a compromise of 1.745"

I'm curious to know what these were before they were fired. I purchased them as once fired, so I'm thinking they could have been about 1.74" even.
I have some unfired FC .223 "Power Shok" so I checked what length they are from the factory. I measured 10 to make sure I did'nt get an odd one and 7 were 1.736" and the other 3 were pretty close to that. So I would say you 1.74" brass is ok
Wow, that's interesting. I may just go to 1.74", that way they would all be uniform. Some of them are coming in at 1.743", so I'll just probably trim them back to 1.74" even!
hey guys , i was curious about this some time ago . i didnt know the actual chamber dimentions of my gun until i purchased a sinclair dead neck length gauge ! now my loading book says trim to 1750 - 1760 max ! my remy 700 s/a 223 measures 1789 exactly , so i had some brass that id reloaded quite a few times (lapua) and id annealed them too and they had grown to 1762-1777 so i dicided to cut to 1765. think its worth mentioning that freshly annealed brass streaches a little bit quicker as its slightly softer ! try it if you can you just might even get tighter groups ....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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