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.223 Remington Load

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Here is a recipe for you 700P and 700 LTR shooters with .223 Rem sticks.

Case: Winchester
Trim-To-Length: 1.750"
Primer: Remington 7 1/2
Powder: Varget
Charge: 25.4 gr
Bullet: Sierra 69 gr BTHP
COL: 2.260"
Avg Velocity: 2.950 fps
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Excellent... look like a good recipe.

I'm doing a bit of research for a .223 load myself at the moment. I hear good things about the Sierra 69 grain bullet, how do you like it? I'm sticking with Varget powder as well, since that's what I'm already using in my .308. I like to keep things simple as possible!
The above recipe is for 1:9" twist barrels.

Are you looking for load data for your AR-15 and if so, what is the barrel twist on that?
Then your good to go as far as the bullet weight goes. You may want to test some different charge weights to see what works best out of your AR-15.

Start at 24 gr up to 26 gr (max and is a compressed load) of Varget. Sierra lists 25.3 gr of Varget @ 2,750 fps as their "accuracy" load for the 20" Colt AR-15A2 HBAR.
Thanks for the info. I tend to load just a little bit under the max in my .308 so I'm sure this will be a good starting load!
My .223 bolt gun is a sporter that I mainly use for popping varmints and predators, so I think I'll just stick with 50/55gr. Ballistic Tips. I'll give this a try in my AR, though.
Trigger- what kind of groups are you averaging with that load? I am just starting to load the 69gr matchkings.... havnt got out to try any of them.. have some loaded at 24, 24.5, 25, 25.5. of Varget...

have been loading 55gr Nosler Balistic tips.. with 26g varget. gettin about 1/2-3/4 '' group at 100yd.. but they are my varmint/coyote rounds and really push them...

i am shooting a 700sps tac in 223 as well...

Trying to get a good 69gr matchking load to do some shooting in a 600yd competition this summer
The above load should produce 1/2" groups and is suitable for 600-yard competition. However, individual results may vary.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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