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Here are some pictures of my 5R Milspec and some targets. Hope yall enjoy the pics...heres some things about the rifle it's a 5R Milspec with a caldwell bipod and a SWFA 16x42 scope. Also all groups are 3 shots (I know I know 5 shot groups 5 shot groups lol) and the targets are 1" target dots or 100 yard sight in targets....The next time I go to the range I'll do some 5 shot groups and I do apologize in advance for the poor picture quality they were takin with a Razor phone (yes I'm one of the very few who don't have a smart phone :/ ) I would like one just for the ballistic programs :D .

Here she is and some reloads along with a buddys Winchester also in .308

This was a 3 shot group with Hornady 168gr Match BTHP Factory loads

The next was with some M118 loads from cheaper than dirt

One of our first loads using 168gr Sierra Match BTHP

Hunting load using 165gr Sierra Gameking BTHP...I attempted to do my own calculating of the group size which Isn't right...I just figure if I can cover it with a Quarter, Nickle or Dime its good enough lol.
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