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Hey guys, I was able to get to the range yesterday and do some load testing.

I had my original recipe for 165gr SST that led me to about a .2moa 3 shot group at 100 and about a .3moa 4 shot group.
I wanted to load up some 168 AMAX to compare the two loads.

My final recipe for my sps tac aac 20"bbl (1:10) is as follows.

Bullet: .30 cal 168gr A-MAX
Brass: Winchester (2.500) - Chamfered, deburred, primer pocket uniformed, cleaned, and trimmed.
Primer: WLR
Charge: RL-15 (43gr)
Velocity: Unknown, as per load data from 7th edition Hornandy book estimates around 2550-2650fps.

Shooting conditions:
80 degrees, 78% humidity, light overcast,wind 5-10mph

The below were shot using only a bipod, no rear support other than my shoulder :p

below: 4 shot group - approx: .21moa center to center. from far outside edge to far outside edge .45moa

below: Factory SMK 168gr - 8shot rapid fire group with 2 flyers.

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