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well. its official... i have a shooter. just got my new sps varmit back from gunsmith after having it accurized.still waiting on new stock, have only shot 1 box of the new win, powermax bonded hollow point bullets thru her to fireform some brass and start the barrel break-in process. temp was 99 and very humid!!! with the barrel smoking hot i managed to put 3 in the same hole then i pulled one and i had 1 flyer. im thinking if i can find her sweet spot with some hand loads it "MIGHT BE AWESOME" one piece of advice that may be helpfull yo all . when working up a group try using round styrofoam plated from walmart to use as targets.they dont "tear" and you can get an accurate reading on group size. also you can write load info. on them with ball point pen and they stack up nicely so you can go back later and compare results. works great for a broke country boy like me..hope this helps. i wish i knew how to post pics on this thing.
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