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700 5R SS finally done.

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I went to the gun show this past sat and picked up a scope, spent all day at the range only to have my mounts get loose. My fault so I brought home locktite. But take a look at the pics.

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Nice mate. What scope is that??
Im trying out a mixed review of Osprey International10-40x50 green and red illuminated. Great at the range for the 100...going back this weekend redo zero and start at 200 yards.

Got the whole schpeel from the rep. I wont say either pos or neg just yet.
Nice rifle for sure! Make sure we get a range report as well!

Hope the scope works out well for you also.
Nice looking rig. Hope to hear good things about it.
Nice! Mine gets built Thursday. Hows it shoot?
Shoots great when I was out last week. Didnt get to the range liked I hoped. AC and home project got in the way. Sorry guys.
Ah well, there's always next weekend! :D

Will you go hunting with it this year perhaps?
I think it might b too late to get drawn.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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