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700 ADL bolt release sticking

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Hello all, I seem to be having issues with my bolt release sticking. I have taken the rifle apart and cleaned it pretty thoroughly. The release does not stick every time but does feel like it is “running” rough. If I use my finger to operate the release it springs right back. But when using the bolt release lever on the TriggerTech trigger it sometimes sticks. Is it possible that the spring is worn? As it seems that the release itself favors one side of slot and when stuck, immediately springs back when slight pressure is applied away from that side. Any help is appreciated. See the photos below, and also I have verified that the release lever is snug in the notch on the release itself.
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Not that I can help, but I have to move my release lever bot directions as I have no feeling of a spring at all. Makes me want to look at mine for a spring now.
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