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700 bdl in 223?

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i bought a 700 223ai from a widow of a bench shooter.the rifle wasnt complete.he has a single shot carrier installed by epoxy in the laminate stock that came with was missing the trigger guard and all acc. i purchased a 700 trigger guard off a guy and a 223 carrier off another guy. my question is does the 223 use the same box as the 308? are do you have too add a spacer too the box? i want too put this back too a drop floorplate 700. the box i got with the trigger assy is off a 308, what do i need too do? thanks
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The Remington 700 BDL has the same size floorplate, but different size boxes and followers for the short actions. The .308 box will not work. You will need the one for your size of cartridge - ie. .17 Rem, .222, .223. Brownell's carries a huge selection of parts and probably has what you need.
can i add a spacer too the 308 box too make it fit the 223 follower? it looks like that is what you have too order from brownells.
No. The spacer is used on the rear of the box for the shorter .223 cartridge. The boxes have the same outside dimensions, but if you look at the one for the .223, it is inset to a create a smaller inside width for this cartridge.

I'm looking for a picture to post which will explain better.
Box on the left is for a .223 and the one on the right is for a .308
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thanks that helps. i guess i need a new box for the 223.
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