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700 freak

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Hey guys thought id post up im a big 700 freak I have 7 total so far.Have a couple pics of a few ive had out lately...but im always adding to my next 700 will be a VTR Desert Recon.I have a BDL wood 25-06,300 Ultra Mag,.270 win DM,.243 win,7mm Rem mag Mountain stainless,700 .308 tactical and SPS stainless .300win mag.

Umung from the other rifles i have AR15s...Winchester 70s...shotguns and ect....heres some pics!

my newest edition my .308 sps tactical 20" bull barrell.Barska 8-32x50 rock range bipod.

.308 7600 pump bushnell banner scope

870 SPECIAL compact shotgun

my winchester mod 70 Laredo LRH .300 win mag(dad in pic)

and a few keepers :)..I needa get some pics of all my 700s together soon!most are cell pics others are with my DSLR
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Welcome aboard. Some kind of a gun nut! Like the rest of us.
I say one can never have too many guns!

Those top photos are really outstanding, the lighting is perfect! You must also be good at photography!

Welcome to the site... Glad you found us.
Cars,Guns and photographry..and guitars...and call of duty modern warfare franchise is my life.LOL...but ive gotten more into collecting guns than cars anymore...more there for investment..heres some pics I did of my350Z in august and a 68 Camaro..

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thanks...I do alot and spend alot of $$ I dont have hahah but im always good on turning profits and finding dieing to get a FN ps90 I believe it will be my next purchase.
Nice Collection. I've got a grip pod on my AR too and I am thinking FN 2000 for my next toy. Although Barrett's 98 Bravo is right up there with it.
the FN 2000 is sweeettt if i could pull a deal on it like the PS90s are going for id go with that bull pup in a heart beat!
Is that a 917V Looks like it in the first pic, I almost shined my stock up on mine today, but got tied up and went rabbit hunting instead. Maybe this weekend if the ducks dont want to fly
If I had to pull the cash out of the household (which of course momma controls) I'd be sunk. But I have a pretty good sized bonus check coming in the spring that should make it doable for me. And of course I'll grease the skids with some jewelry for the boss and some stuff for the kids. I won't look quite as selfish then.
See my issue is I work at a pawn shop and I run across alot of nice items....and cant control myself and buy everything hahah....
I've been wanting a 22-250rem in a 700...welll I had a Remington 788 in a 22-250rem come out yesterday and picked it up for a good price....ima use it as leverage in trade for another get me into a 700 22-250 :p
Wow those are nice cars!

Do you post-process those in Photoshop or anything?

I just love good photos as you can tell. Post some pics of P90 when you get it.
I use adobe lightroom 2 and just mess with ambient lighting...heres some pics of my tactical SPS .308 and my little 788 22-250rem i picked up...

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Nice pictures! I just got my first 700 in .300 winmag cant wait to complete the setup and get some trigger time!
Took some new pics...thought id post up since ive been absent lately...

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Very nice toys my friend. Almost heaven.
found some pics searching thru of my .270 DM with Nikon pro staff 50 optic

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