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I'm seriously considering getting a new SPS Tactical .308... just had a couple questions...

1. Anyone putting the Bell and Carlson A1 style stock on thiers versus the HS precision? Seems like the B&C is quite a bit cheaper.

2. Where's the best place to look for a used take off HS precision stock?

3. I am a reloader and know that every rifle is different... but what seems to be some of the more "popular" bullet/powder (and how many grains) combinations?

4. Given the twist rate on the current .308 SPS-T model, what bullet grain is "optimal" ?

This site is awsome and it's because of all the info here on the SPS-T that I am now thinking about getting one... they've got'em at Sportsmans wharehouse in Salt Lake City for like $567.00!


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Though I don't have one the Bell and Carlson A1 from what I've read is a great stock . Others who have used them seem to have good things to say.
I got a H-S Precision take off stock from EBay for my SPS Varmint. It looks like one from a Sendero but for short action. I payed $200.00 for it. You could check there for one. I have seen the B&C there also. I would have just as quickly got the Bell & Carlson if that was what I had found at a good price.
As for bullets Hornady's A-Max seems to be very popular as are seira Matchkings. Both the 168 and 175 grain seem to be popular in .308 with the 175s getting the nod for longer ranges. I have a box of 168s but haven't loaded any yet so I don't have personal experience with them yet.
Hodgdon Varget, RL15, IMR 4064 and IMR 4895 all seem to be popular with Varget being the favorite from my reading. There are others but these are what I remember off the top of my head. Again I can not give you specifics because I have not done a lot of reloading for the .308 yet.

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I have a HS precision take off from a 5R remmy. some places that you can look are ebay, craigslist,, but the B&C should be fine also.

bullets: 155 scenar, 155 palma, 168 Hornady or Sierra MK, 175 sierra MK, Burger 175 VLD
Powder: IMR 4064, Varget, RL15
Primers: Federal 210M, CCI BR2
Shell: Winchester, Lapua

one combo that worked real good for me was ...................

Sierra 175 MK, Varget 44.6 gr, Fed 210M, Winchester Case trimed to 2.015, overall length is 2.800. With this setup i constantly shoot .5 or better.

hope some of this helps :D
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