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700 SPS-V .308 & Old 700 ADL .308

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Snuck out to the range several months back and enjoyed a few hours of shooting with no wind and great conditions. First off, I shot my 700 SPS-Varmint in .308 a little more and really am getting it dialed in. Today I was shooting Winchester 150 gr. Pointed Soft Point loads. I will have to buy a box of a little better ammo and see how much I can tighten up these patterns. These are all at 100 Yds.
The Rifle:

First grouping had me hitting a tad to the left. I shot the two that are almost touching and adjusted to the right. Next was the bullseye.

So then I moved to another target on the same cardboard and was very pleased with this pattern:

I also shot my deer rifle of the last 11 seasons, a Rem. 700 ADL in .308 as well. I shot the same Winchester ammo as above @ 100 Yds. First 3 were a little left, so I adjusted it over a tad as well, and again was very pleased. The final 3 were 2" high @ 100 yds, and I like to leave it setup like that.

Since this 'range report' I have dialed the SPS-V in a little more, and I will post those pictures as well, but I wanted to share this report from a while back.
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BK said:
Any pics of the ADL?
You know, I guess you could say I 'neglect' the old 700. I looked through and reallized I don't have any photos from the range with this rifle. I will get a few pics this evening of this one though. I have it disassembled at the moment, giving it a good cleaning. The bolt-release lever was getting a little gunked up, so I am giving it a good cleaning in the garage.
I'll get a pic or two of it later. I should get it cleaned up and put back together after work tonight.
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