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I took my VLS in 22-250 out to play today and while I was shooting, I had a couple of visitors.

I was just getting ready to fire when I noticed some movement off to the side.

As I was photographing her, her two fawns came out to pay a visit,

I think this will be my deer stand when deer season opens.

The close target is 100 yards and the far one is 200 yards.
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Thats awesome mate. They looks soo nice.
Here's a doe and two fawns outside my window. She are her family have been hanging around for the last couple of years. I think she's had twins the last 2 or 3 years in a row!

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Ohh mate. Whatever you do, dont shoot them!!!, They just look soo good there. At home in the bush.
The problem with deer is that they are such pests. I ride motorcycles and the deer love to dash out in front of me. They also destroy my garden. I've had to put an electric fence around it. We have an over abundance of those critters.
Yeah, we have the same issue with Kangaroo's. They are real pests. I guess Deer is America's Kangaroo.
Yeah those deer in the pictures would eat our stuff as well... but we fenced around anything we wanted to protect. But, those deer are safe since we are in city limits!
Nice VLS, I had one in 22-250 a few years back and it was a tack driver...lost it to unexpected medical bills and missed it so much I recently purchased one in .308 win. Deer are nice too, but they sure raise hell with the garden...
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