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700 VSSF

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Bought a barely used ported VSSF over the weekend. Do any of you guys have any knowledge/experience
with ported 308's. It's overall length is 26 inches but only 24" of actual barrel. The remaining two inches are just
an open chamber if you will with two ports on the top. Being a 308 I can't really see the need for porting and am considering
having the barrel shortened. I think the shorter length vs the porting would make for easier handling, also considering having
the barrel threaded for a suppressor at a later time. From what I can tell this rifle is from the Remington custom shop and has been out of production for awhile but I'm more interested in keeping it than selling it.
What do you guys think?
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Porting is a mixed blessing. I like it because I can see my hits way out there but I hate my buddies ported rifles because it feels like sitting next to a grenade. The noise is horrible. Try it out, you may like it.
You will probally like it,it reduces muzzle jump as well as recoil.It does make more noise,but
it's more comfortable to shoot and it is nice to see the hits on target and get back on target
quicker. try it out first!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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