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700P Build

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Hey everyone. Just thought I would toss up a few pics of my 700P, I dont have my scope yet, its on the way. I ordered it from somewhere in Great Britain, I think. Stupid lbs. :)

Will add some more when I get my scope, its a Falcon Menace 4-14X44
Rifle Specs: Badger Ord. 20 MOA base, Badger Ord. One piece scope rings.
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Maybe I should have waited a bit to say I was getting the scope, just got an email stating that they only have the Metric Falcon in stock and will not get the model I want until March. :( Oh well, good things come to those who wait, I got a great deal on it, even including shipping.
That will look nice once it's all finished! Once you get the Falcon, let me know how you like it. I'm always interested to find out how "good" other types not-so-well known scopes are!
Me too. I am used to Leupold, but I have heard good things about this scope for the price, so I am anxiously awaiting. Hopefully it will surprise me.
For my next scope, I'm going to be putting on a Bushnell Elite 4200 on my flat top AR... still waiting for the upper!

I'm in the waiting game like you with the Falcon!
In Australia all the Remington 700P rifles I have seen in the shops have fluted barrels just like the LTR has. But all the photo's I have seen of US 700P rifles just have a standard varmint barrel, anyone tell me why they are different? Do you have the one I'm talking about in the US, may be called something different? Over here They are sold as Remington 700 Police.
Andrew, do they have the butt-hook stock along with the fluted barrel?
No, they look exactly like the one in the above photo but with the flutted barrel.
26" barrel, black hs stock
Nice mate. Which Falcon are you getting?? Im waiting for Wello(from SC) to do the review on the new 5.5-25x50 Metric which Im wanting to try out as well.
I went with the 4-14X44 FFP model with the Enhanced SLR Mil Dot reticule.
What's the difference with the "Enhanced SLR Mil Dot" compared to a standard Mil Dot?
Falcon offers that scope in two different reticules, the ESLR and the ML16

Its hard for me to describe it, so I will let them do it. :)
two .pdf documents at the top to click on shows the two different versions
I actually like that reticle. I can see where that would be beneficial, giving you extra hold-over on the elevation! Post some pics once you get it! Through the lens pics are always nice to see the glass quality.
Will do! Just playing the waiting game. :)
Well, after some setbacks and some more waiting, its done! I finally got the scope last week, I ordered it I don't even know how long ago. When I got it, The Badger Ordnance 1 piece mount wont clear, so its for sale. :) I used some Burris XTR rings, which I really like. I used them on my DPMS .308. well, you are probably tired enough of me talking, so here it is:



Its hard to tell from the photos, but I am very impressed with the clarity of the glass. They were taken from the dining room table, through the picture window. I took them mainly so you can see the reticle. And tasty cows... Mmm... Beef... :)
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Looks really good! I also just put set of the XTR rings on my AR. I really like those rings! They can be found for a really good price and I didn't feel the need to spend large amounts of $ on Nightforce or Leupold rings... :D
What height of rings did you use?

Those are Burris XTR Medium rings.

Welcome to the site, by the way. :)
Thanks nobodyspecial
I just ordered the Millett LRS1 scope for my 700P .308
I am hoping the supplied rings will be the correct height, I would expect them to be correct
I am using the Warne Tactical 1 piece with 20 moa base
I will post pictures when it is all together, hopefully this weekend
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