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A little input please.

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Hi fellas. I'm considering purchasing some equipment that is for the truing of the action on the Remington 700. I will be able to accurately square the receiver face, the locking lugs and chase the receiver threads. the stuff costs a bunch but it makes the process of blueprinting the receiver fairly quick. Quick equals inexpensive, for instance I could do everything listed above, square the bolt face, bolt lugs and lap the lugs in for about $125 cost to the customer. Then put an ER Shaw barrel on for $160 and put the barreled action in a nice B&C stock for $300 and spray the barreled action with CeraKote for $100. So for a total of less than $700 one could turn their run of the mill Remy 700 into a nice looking custom. Do you think that this is a viable model?

I also need a name for this little endeavor. Bubba's Hunt Shop works ok for the hunting and shooting products but something a little more fancy for a custom rifle should be in order. I'm kicking around the idea od Excorio Precision, Excorio is Latin for scalpel or to skin something or something to do with the whole one eye thing. Oneye Eye precision ro Pirate Precision, any ideas would be appreciated.
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Semper Versus? Always true, right? Sorry, all the latin I have picked up is from flyfishing.
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