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Adjusted my X mark trigger

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I like my new SPS, but I didnt really feel the pull before I bought the rifle. I had felt a Xmark on another rifle at another time, and it felt great to me, so I figured theyd all feel close to that.
Well I got my rifle a couple of weeks ago, and while the trigger felt good it was really a little heavier than what I wanted.
Today I dug this article up
and went after it. I adjusted until it was slam firing, then went about a quarter turn heavier, and put some sealer on the adjustment screw.

It feels way better now. I was prepared to buy a different trigger, but I actually am liking the results. Cant wait to see if it helps me at the range
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Excellent! I will have to try this over the winter. I like the Xmark as well... but it is a little heavy at times. Very crisp... just too heavy.
I'm not familier with the X Mark trigger. How light can you adjust it? All my 700s have the old style or Jewell trigers
I've adjusted my trigger as well, i got my info from the How To Shoot Beyond Belief video. I knocked it down to about 3 pounds, and there is still some adjustment left. One thing the video said about reducing the trigger pull was that besides slam firing it may also freeze up in colder temperatures. I'm not sure how true it is, but they seem to know their stuff. They also suggested using clear fingernail polish for sealing the screw after adjusting it (which has worked well for me so far)

As for how light it goes i think i took mine down to under a pound but when you get that low you have to consider slam fires and functionality of the trigger.
Sounds like there isn't much difference from the older trigger. My hunting rifles have been adjusted to arounf three pounds but my Prairie Dof rifles are well under a pound.
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