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Alternative Firearm Coatings is offering an exclusive promotion to visitors!

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  • Cerakote Finish one fully disassembled Remington 700 barrel and action only (stocks extra)[/*]
  • Choice of ONE IN STOCK color[/*]
  • ADD BOLT for +$20 (must be sent in at same as barrel and action)[/*]
  • Price: $99.00 + S/H[/*]

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Alternative Firearm Coatings Contact Page

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I know nothing about this particular company but I would never do business with a company who won't publish their address unless you order a product.

There have been many of these Cerrokote outfits springing up lately and having seen some of the disastrous work they perform, I'd want to go to the shop and look around a bit. One local (Duluth, MN area) shop bead blast and finishes without plugging the barrel or receiver. This results in a ruined crown and chamber. Many of these shops have no idea how to take apart or assemble various firearms and the ruined screw heads and dinged up actions show their lack of professionalism.

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I've had no personal experience with them... only dealing with them regarding their advertising needs.

They have a lot of samples of things they have worked on at their site.

They seem to be more than a place that just "sprays it on with a can".

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I appreciate your comment "I know nothing about this particular company but I would never do business with a company who won't publish their address unless you order a product."

I found your post to be somewhat negative towards my company and Im curious why? Not sure about the innocent until proven guilty part in your post. Im sure you would want these rights exercised for you when you find yourself in the court of law or in the court of public opinion.

Thanks and I look forward to working with many of you to provide the service the jerrschmitt has been so kind to bring forward as I have seen many of the same issues BUT WE ARE NOT ONE OF THEM. :)

1Tech :)
Have a great day and I anyone needs anything Id be happy to coat your items as we have for over 3186 customers as of Last wks business.

As for not listing our address, If you had High dollars items being shipped to a location wouldnt you want to know its safe?
Address' on the web are asking for thief's to break into your facility, logic being lots of guns, high end items etc. Do you have any idea how many business' are shopped online then robbed due to having the info readily available.

Also LICENSED FFL's dont provide a copy of our licences on the web or anyone else for that matter unless they are placing an order and require such information, Per ATF recommendations of the 2009,2010 and 2011 regulations. As Atf is concerned about thefts etc of FFL license holders facilities.

Also recommending not to have customers items left unsecured for customers to "LOOK AROUND AT". Its very hard to tell a persons intent and so the limited information provided to the general public is highly recommended by ATF. Just as we dont have a copy of our license hanging on the wall with in arms length of the public, with office copy stamped on the front.

By the way that was explained in my FAQ had I had a chance to earn some business from a FORUM Im helping to support rather than being torn down by someone that has not experienced our work, and put a generally negative contrast on a post.

As far as the rest of your comment posted doesn't appear to pertain to my company or our performance, So Im not sure why you would insist on adding negative info about things you may have heard about happening by some one some other operation ON MY POST.

The comment about looking around seems somewhat off base to me, as Im wondering do you let strangers with unknown intent come in you house/home and LOOK around a bit.
Why to see what kind of ideas can be stolen, what kind of tooling etc can be carried out, etc.

Doesnt seem to make sense to me or many others in this industry that actually provide secure, FULLY INSURED, ALARMED, VIDEOED, facilities with proprietary operations going on.

I look forward to providing high quality service and product to and appreciated the fact that you did note the negative items you listed on my post was NOT RELATED TO, Even though it could easily appear that way.

By the way here are some testimonials from ACTUAL CUSTOMERS OF Not tire/reputation kickers.

* I Had 4 Guns Coated By Acoating - They Did A Great Job!
* I Was Amazed At The Quality And The Fair Price
* I carry 1911 24/7 executive protection specialist
* They Added New Life To My IPSC, USPSA Competition Gun
* "67 A+ Public Auction Feedback"
* 6 Guns to date excellent cerakote applicator
* Jordan Sti Trubor 2011 Cerakote Satin Aluminum
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* "If you ever need a Sale person I would do it in a minute"
* Ar-1o Coated in Cerakote by Acoating
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* " Superb job on my 2 1911's !" 2/2011
* " Sti and slides look great! I will definitely refer you to others!" 2/2011
* “Acoating did an excellent job refinishing my Remington 700SPS
* Model 59 Born Again With A Whole New Look
* Complete transformation
* Would Recommend AcoatingTo Anyone!

Thanks and I look forward to working with many of you to provide the service the jerrschmitt has been so kind to bring forward as I have seen many of the same issues BUT WE ARE NOT ONE OF THEM. :)

1Tech :)
Have a great day and I anyone needs anything Id be happy to coat your items as we have for over 3186 customers as of Last wks business.


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Like I said, I know nothing about your company.

Millions of gun shops have their address listed in the phone book and on the web. I would not send my rifle to any "Gunsmith" who wouldn't show me his shop and samples of his work.

I don't mean to "Tear you down" as you put it, it's just a caution of mine. I want to be sure I'm dealing with a reputable business, not some guy working out of his garage. When I see that he won't list his address and doesn't take credit cards, I begin to wonder.

You must admit, that in this day and age it is very easy to come up with a glossy web page filled with wonderful claims that have no basis in fact. You may well be the best in the business, but I'll never know.

The best gun builders in the business, that I know, all have their address posted.

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Doing business over the internet is risky at best. First and foremost is the integrity of the "selling website". Then there is an almost unlimited list of variables....packaging, shipping, damages, theft, returns, credits, disappointments, and so on. Therefore it behoves anyone who enters into a contract over the web to be very cautious. Life has taught me that a little "parinoia is prudent". Now take that thought and throw into the mix that we are talking about guns. That only adds to the parinoia.....and then there is the worry over your favorite weapon being sent off in a cardboard box to "who knows where?" Any web based company that gets my gun is going to be researched thoroughly! I am considering sending a gun to I called them and asked if I could come look at their facility and the reply was a hardy "please come, and we will show you around". And their product offering is a highly secret one. And I am sure they have many expensive guns in their building. I grew up in sales, and given the right web designer, I could sell most anything to most anybody. P.T. Barnum once said "there is a sucker born every day". I am not trashing your company Mr. 1tech, I am suggesting that you prove your worth with more than the typed written word.

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A little web browsing reveals that Mr. 1Tech is a wrench turner at a Toyota garage in AZ. He also claims to be a gunsmith and firearms manufacturer. No idea how he got those quals and he may be a very good one, but I still wouldn't do business with a company that won't reveal their location. Of course, if I were doing business out of my garage in AZ I wouldn't want the word to get out either.

Nothing wrong with any of that. I sold guns out of my home for years before I surrendered my FFL. Used to be a pretty good way to make some money before they changed the FFL rules.

At any rate, I wish you the best of luck in your business.

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Your correct I worked for Toyota while I recieved my MASTERS back in 1988 as a machinist. I OWNED my Lexus and Acura engine building facilty for 18 yrs. Then after being told I needed Heart transplant I sold the business in 2000 to get rid of stress.
During the way I was hired by my Highly competitive USPSA Grand MAsters, Angus Hobdell, Rob Leatham, etc to do machine work on 2011 competition pistols.

By the way I do work out of my Garage which is approximately 6ooo sq ft and fully setup as a machine shop with cnc etc. As my house is as large as our old engine building facility of 14000 sq ft.

As far as paranoia thats a personal struggle I choose not to engage in and hope you all the best in ridding yourself of the limiting thoughts.

As any FFL holder would tell you they would be insane to do anything, such as steal a firearm etc (which by the way my FFL is sent upon order to verify with ATF), WHO WANTS A FELONY?

Anyway I find many of the statements to be as valid as mine and see only personal challenges in the way of moving forward as I have everything in place to do what I promise.

As many have experienced.

I put an ad on 700 rifle to offer a service and product to the moderators forum at a great value for the forum not so much as to put food in my mouth and find the banter to be similar to a HOSTILE work place.

Odd I enjoyed the forum and info but not so MUCH AS A SUPPORTER!

Anyway I look forward to offering the same great value to anyone that needs it.

Have a great day

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quit whining!! if the product was that good and they worked on hi-end shooters guns then word of mouth would be the best advertisement necessary. rodney king said "CANT WE ALL GET ALONG" lets get bach to shooting and posting pics of a one ragged hole piece of paper or a prarie dog explode at 1000yds. you know ...something interesting.
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