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Another new guy, with a Sendero question?

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Hello, very nice website, I will be here more often now that I found a Remington website!

I have a question for anybody that may know, Is there any collector value for a Remington Sendero Special? I think that there are a few versions of the Sendero out there and I am curious there this one fits in, its matt finished in 7mmRM with the HS stock. Thanks in advance.
Ron Tilley
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Hi Ron, welcome to the site! Glad you found us!

As for the value of that gun, I'm not totally sure. I think the best place would be to look at the "blue book" of gun values. It's similar to the blue book for automobiles.

Have you taken it to your local gun shop and had them take a look at it?
Thanks for the welcome. My friend owns the gun. I am aware of the standard Sendero, the Sendero II and just saw this one for the first time. on the barrel is says Sendero Special. It looks like a early gun, its a 7mmRM and was to just be a doner for a custom build. I told him to hold off as the value may be more than he thought. So I started looking around and asking questions about it. So far no one has seen a Sendero Special or has any info about them. Thanks, Ron Tilley
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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