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Here is my Anschutz Tactical Trainer.


Anschutz 1416DHB Match 64 .22LR
Bushnell Elite 3200 5-15x40 Tactical
Burris XTR 1" Low Rings
Weaver Top Mount 0MOA 2-Peice Base's
Harris 6-9" Leg Notch
Tactical Operations OD Cheek Pad
Tactical Intervention Specialists M24 Contract Sling
Wolf Eyes Sniper II Hunter Tactical Torch

It sure is one nice rifle. Shoots awesomely, handles well, feels great, and looks awesome. I got the Torch today, its for spotlighting and night shooting, I will test it out tonight :). It is 1000 Lumens for 50mins, and then goes to 25% for 4 Hours.

The idea behind this rifle is that the cost of shooting match grade .308 ammo is expensive for shooting alot, when I say alot I mean over 100 plus rounds a day. Thats around AUD$150 plus spent for me in one day, where as shooting my .22LR, I can shoot 500rds and only cost me AUD$70 for match grade ammo. So, what I deiced to do was build myself a Tactical Trainer rifle to complement my R700 SPS Tactical .308 build. This .22LR isnt finished yet, I still have a Boyds Tactical to go on it and also another Atlas V8.1 bipod for it. I have a Mildot scope with target turrets to amke LR shooting easier, upto and including 200 - 250m. Shoot a .22LR at this distance is great practice for LR shooting with a .308 rifle.

I begun with an Anschutz 1416DHB .22LR as my base rifle. The Match 64 action and anschutz target/match grade barrel are supurb, I mean really great. Great finish and feel to this peice of german engineering. I then use spares I had to hold me ove runtil the new parts for this rifle arrived, scope, bases, etc. Now its all here, Its mounted and The last thing is to have the Boyds Tacticool stock inletted for this rifle and go from there. I will have it bedded when inletted.

I can say that just shooting this rifle at 50 and 100m, I learn alot. The effects of wind and alike make a big effect on the .22LR's 40gr bullet and really makes you work hard on your fundementals which is what this rifle is built for.

In addition to being a training rifle, its my competition rifle for Field Rifle Rimfire, 3P Rimfire, Hunter BR Rimfire(when I get to a comp) and also my hunting/Varmint rifle for rabbits and birds. Its not purpose built for any one role, its a multirole rifle, like a precision/tactical centrefire is. We build our rifles to do amny roles and they generally do a very good job at each role we give them. This Tactical Trainer is built with this in mind and will hopefully live upto this aswell.

Cheers guys. SemperFi, if you want me to turn this into an article for the website, let me know and we can see what else we can do. I think its soemthing that many new shooters would benefit from.

Have fun and shoot straight.

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I was fortunate enough to visit one of our Army Olympic Athletes Jeremy Teela at the training site for the U.S. Olympic Biathlon Team. He let me shoot the actual rifle he competed with at the 2010 Winter Games. If only I could find a way to get that Anschutz style "cocking" lever on a big bore rifle! :D (I really dig your tactical trainer, that thing is sweet!)

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