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Anyone converted internal mag to detachable mag using "clip converter"

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My model is a 3 round internal magazine in .300WinMag Caliber. It's blind; has no floor-plate.
My question is: If I get this clip converter do I also still need to buy a new stock that has a floor plate or entry place to accept the detachable mag Or does it require custom cutting and fitting?

Any info on this process would be helpful, Id love to get the 10-round magazine for mine.
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I read the Cabela's link in your post. The "minor" inletting required on an ADL stock is a gross understatement. The DM conversion kit is for a BDL which has the hinged floorplate. The BDL is already set up to accept the DM with minimal fitting. If you're good on a milling machine, then it is worth the attempt to perform the mod on your ADL stock. Personally, I would look for a BDL stock.
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