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AR-15 Upper

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I just ordered a new AR-15 upper from Rock River Arms! Now... it's just the loooooooooooooooong wait! :(

On the positive side, at least I have one in my possession they can take from my, "cold dead hands..."

This one is a 20" stainless flat top to go along with my traditional A2 style one I already have!
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Nice mate as I have already said over at SC. I cant wait for pics. How are you going to set it up??
I think I will just throw a scope on it. I won't put another Mark 4 on it that's for sure. I may put a Bushnell, or maybe even try one of the Falcon's.

I have a small NcStar Mark III Tactical that's a 3-9, so that will get my by for a little while. For a "cheap" scope... I'm finding that the optical quality isn't that bad!

I probably won't shoot much beyond a 100 yards with the AR anyways.
How about this, Aimpoint OR EOTECH with 3x mag on a flip to side mount??
They are a little more expensive than I want to go, so I think I may throw a Burris scope on it. SC had a review on one and seemed to like the glass OK. I certainly won't buy a Mark 4 for it. I'm not sure I would go for a Mark 4 again... just not sure I need to spend quite that much on a good scope. But it should last a lifetime; can't hardly take it back to the store now! :D
How bout one of the bushnells?? And I agree, a Mark 4 on an AR would look wierd!!!!! I think a 2-7x would be a good scope and mag range for an AR.

But, is this going to be a Precision AR or a Fun AR????
I've been looking at some of the Burris scopes. I think the Bushnell would be good though. I like the idea of a 2-7x. My stainless upper will be for more "precision/target" shooting, where as my upper I have now will be for plinking mostly.
Well, if its a precision/target AR upper then I would think some more power. Maybe a 3.5-10x maybe. How is your current upper set up??
My current upper is just basically open sights! :D

That's why I wanted to get a flat-top upper, so I could mount a scope on it and also so the scope wouldn't be 53 feet above the barrel when mounted to the carry handle! Slight exaggeration, but you get my point. :D

My new upper arrived for my AR-15! This new on is pretty much the same as the old one accept a stainless barrel with a 1:8 twist vs. a 1:9, and this new one has a weaver style gas block substituted for the standard front sight. I just didn't think it looked right to have a standard front sight and then have a scope on it!!

It's a Rock River Arms upper on a Colt lower... the fit seems pretty good, more precise than the standard Colt upper I think.

This one has what is called a "wylde" chamber.... basically it's a good compromise between a 5.56 and a .223 only chamber.

I will be putting a Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24 x 50mm on it.
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Mate, are you sure the Bushnell wont be too much for it?? Seems like a big mag range for a .223. I think one of the scout style scopes would be better.

If it was a .308 then I would say go for it. but its a .223 and a scout scope would be the best for it IMO.
No way man!... :lol: Never enough!

It might be a little overkill, I would actually like it better if it were maybe a 4-20 or something. At least it's 6 on the wide end, and I don't have to always have it 24x all the time either... ;)

I haven't decided a 100% yet, but I do know I want a 4200 and I do want thoset target turrets, which is only on the 6-24!
I think the Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x would be the best thing and get a 6-24x for your SPS Tactical. Would be a great setup.
Alright, here's some updated picks... I finally got this thing scoped out! I put a Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24 x 50 on it. I'm very impressed with the scope, very bright and clear image!

I've been out shooting with it; fire lapping the bore. I think I may need to move the scope a bit farther forward as it seemed like I was always having to move my head back a bit, after getting into what felt like a natural position, to get a full view through the scope. The scope rings are Burris XTR Tactical rings in the 3/4" height. This height of scope ring in combination with a 50mm scope, will give the closest standard "site height" of 1.4" as compared to a standard carry handle AR.

It's not real fancy, but I can always swap a hand guard or something!

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That looks alright really mate. Well done.
Yeah it's not too bad! I'm very impressed with the scope! I would buy another one that's for sure!
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