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ATN Scopes

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Hi Guys,

Does anyone have info on ATN day-time rifle scopes? I came across a PIG of a tactical scope while browsing some online classified ads. The scope is a 6-18x65mm (yes, 65) that comes with a whole bunch of gizmos like BDC turrets for a wide range of calibers. I tried to find it through some optics dealers, but all the sites I've searched show it as "out of stock". I can't find any reviews to determine if this means it's a highly sought after item or a discontinued P.O.S.


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ATN Is usually a high price,high quality optic,some of it I believe was top Russian tecnology
but not 100% positive of that,I believe I read that somewhere ,but have seen them in catalogs
for a ton of money.
what i know is that there are some military branches that use the this scope for might missions . google ATN scopes there is a bunch of info on them. they look like some cool scopes but i cant afford one to test out :D
I have that exact scope. There ok but gonna upgrade.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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