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Awesome weekend of shooting.

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G'day all. Last weekend I spent 3 days at my mates property about 2 hours east of my house. Was an awesome weekend of shooting had by myself and him. I went through 100rds of .308 and over 1200rds of .22LR. We had out with us (and its a list):

Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 Win
Sportco 44 .308 Win
2x CZ 452 Deluxe .22LR
Gevarm .22LR Semi-Auto
FNH Browning Pump Action .22LR
Savage Model 24C .22LR/20GA
Gamo Shadow 1000 .177

All those rifles where for TWO people, myself and Dave (his property).Ohh and his brother joined us for a bit. We had fun. Heres some pics.

The Scope rifles we used.

The Iron Sighted rifles we used (except the Omark and 12GA side-by-side).

The whole armoury!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daves CZ 452 and my SPS Tactical. Lil bro with big bro.

Dave with his CZ and me with my SPS Tactical.

Dave Shooting from cover with his CZ.

Was awesome fun. Hopefully will go back soon for some more shooting. Now that I have a JOB!!!!!!!!!!! Im getting a new scope and bipod for my CZ. Another Bushnell and a Harris. Gota love

Thanks guys!!!!
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A lot of nice country!

I was gone for a few days, so I haven't been on the forums for awhile!

Glad to see the SPS is shooting well!
Now that's my idea of a fun weekend. Out in the bush with lots of guns and ammo!!
Ohh yeah. it was good fun. Cant wait to go out there again.
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