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Baby Has New Clothes

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Hey guys. I sprayed the gun with the new stock on it today. What do you think?

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WOW! That looks really good! I want to try this with one of my guns so bad now. I may need to get a different stock since I have that old Houge overmold stock still.

How long did it take you to do?
I did over the weekend. Most of the time was spent prepping it and doing the stencils (paper and masking tape). I drew a general outline of the gun on the computer using MS Paint and colored it so I had a plan. The actual painting took about 6-7 hours with most of that waiting for it to dry between coats. If you count every little thing i did it probably took 10 hours over three days.
It's probably one of those things where taking the time to "do it right" from the beginning will make the end result much better!
Absolutely! The truth is that it's really not all that hard to do. You just need to be careful and go step by step.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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