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Badlands Tactical

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Just got back from my class at Badlands Tactical which is located in Grandfield Oklahoma.
The course was basic precision rifle and I can't say enough good things about it. I realize
it's not feasible for many of you to make the trip to Oklahoma for rifle training, but for those of
you that are in striking distance it's a great experience. We did have students from Arizona and Michigan that attended the training.
As the course title says it's basic long range shooting with a heavy emphasis placed on sniper training. Every stage of the course is done with you and a partner alternating between the roles of sniper and spotter.
The known distance range allows you to shoot out to 1000 yards and the unknown distance range really challenges your ability to mil a target for distance. During that phase you are given a very brief time limit in which you engage the target and hopefully hit it. These are targets ranging from two hundred to seven hundred yards. It's designed to make you function under stress and I will tell you they do a good job in helping you feel stressed.
The instructors resumes range from military, law enforcement as well as competitive shooting. Some have a combination of all three.They are all very helpful and they take a very personal interest in the success of their students. I will give you an example. My partner had problems with his scope and was unable to complete the course with his rifle. He was allowed to use one of the instructors personal rifles for the remainder of the course, which by the way was a custom built Surgeon Tactical, probably valued somewhere around four grand or more.
The atmosphere is very laid back but I can assure you it's not a gimme course at all, you work for everything you achieve.
The owner, Bobby Whittington, is possibly the nicest guy I've ever met. He is also the county sheriff and as a fellow LEO I
can tell you he walks tall in that role as well. I really believe there is nothing he would not do to help one of his students. He also loaned
his Surgeon rifle to another student who didn't have a rifle but wanted to attend the training. Bobby made sure the student had everything needed to complete the course.
Steve Suttles is another instructor that will truly amaze you with his knowledge and ability. Steve didn't talk much about his military
career during the training, but I will tell you if you Google his name you will find he is certainly a man who has been there and done it.
He is truly an incredible instructor and it was an honor to be his student. I can't begin to tell you how much I learned from him.
All in all I can tell you that it's incredible training and a very positive experience. For those that are interested their website is Check it out.
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It was a lot of fun and your knees and elbows do get a workout.
From some of the p dog shots you've made Jerr you should be teaching
a long range class. LOL
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