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Barrel Break In of new 700 SPS-V .308

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Back in the summer, I puchased my 700 SPS-V chambered in .308. Finally, I was able to hit the range and begin the barrel break-in of my rifle.

When I picked it up, I went ahead and had it topped with a Nikon 4.5x14x40. They boresighted it and I was impressed. I started at 50 yards and shot the first and happened to hit around 3" from bullseye! I will brag on that boresighter again.

I had 2 boxes of Winchester .308 shells from the last few years that I knew would be perfect for breaking in that barrel. I cleaned the barrel after each of the first 4 shots, then I switched to 2, then 4 and so on.

At 100 yards I was hitting off to the right, but this didn't bother me, as I was focusing on break-in. After the barrel heated up and the 'lapping' process began, I watched as the pattern sort of walked a little. Towards the end of the evening, it had settled down. I went ahead and adjusted the scope over so I was at least hitting on the target (Just made it more fun!).

In the above picture you can really see how the pattern 'walked' right up and a little to the right. I held steady with each shot and was pretty amazed at how it did this. After time though, the rifle barrel began breaking in and started getting more consistent.
I love this rifle!
I will tighten it up more with my normal ammo, but this first session was great. The action is smooth, trigger breaks right below 4 lb's, and really made me happy with the patterns at the end.

I kept working with this rifle and after another range session, I felt the barrel was broke in. I began dialing it in and the pattern REALLY tightened up. It is definitely shooting MOA now at 100 yds.
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Some will say that barrel break in doesn't matter, but I think it does in my opinion. I followed a similar procedure as you did and I was pleased with the results. I think you got it right when you said, "the barrel getting more consistent". I noticed the same effect with mine.

I went a step further and used some "conditioning" bullets and ran those through my barrel.

I mentioned it here:

You will see some other member tried it with some older rifles and were able to get good results with it.
I have seen those 'Conditioner Bullets' before, never used them though. Supposedly they do work though, and your post is a testament to that.
Is the trigger out of the box, or did somebody tune it up? Old model or X-Mark or whatever the heck they are calling the new one?
BK said:
Is the trigger out of the box, or did somebody tune it up? Old model or X-Mark or whatever the heck they are calling the new one?
It's just as it came from the factory. I bought it in August '08 and it's the X-Mark trigger. I really like the feel and the clean break. I have thought about adjusting it down, but it doesn't seem heavy at all. It will surprise you when you're squeezing, which is just right for me.
I like the trigger as well. It's very clean and crisp. Sometimes I think it think it might be a tad on the heavy side, but it forces me to slow down and sqeeeeeeeeeeze the trigger. :D
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