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Bolt Will Not Lock In Place And Feed Trouble

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I was at the range resighting my rifle after putting a new stock on and had a problem.

I went through 25 rounds with no trouble and then I start having a feeding problem in the form of the rifle wanting to feed 2 rounds at once. Then after straightening the rounds out I found I could not lock the bolt in place. What I mean is that it will come out of the rifle and go back in fine, it will slide all the way to the closed position, but when I try to lock it down the bolt handle will not go down. There is no obstruction in the bolt handle's slot and I cannot see any obvious fault in the bolt, bolt face or chamber.

Any ideas?
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The rear screw is longer than the front screw and if you mixed them up, that longer rear screw will go into the action and prevent the locking lugs from engaging. I've run into it when replacing a stock and the screws were too long for the new stock.
Doug308 said:
Thanks for the info. If the thing isn't being nice to me at the range this weekend I'll do a bit if filing before taking it to the shop.
All of my 700's have been changed over to allen screws because they are easier to torque. I bought the screws at the local hardware store and had to cut them to fit. Not hard to do.
I'm working on another one right now that has that very same problem. The stock has a grove for a Freedland rail so the bolts are 1/2 inch too long.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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