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Here's a preview pic of the Borka MG3.

I'll be doing a full writeup of it along with a few other tools and my version of a deployment kit that I put together for my SPS T.

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Overview of the Borka Multi Torque Driver

Torque wrenches or drivers are a well-known tool for the precision rifle crowd. Consistency means accuracy, and having the action and scope properly torqued is vital for consistency. Additionally, some parts have to be torqued to set values in order to be properly installed. Borka has introduced the Multi Torque Driver with the following objectives:

1. The tool should allow use in both the shop and the field with a wide variety of optic and rifle combinations.
2. The tool should be light weight and small to minimize the impact on someone who needs to carry everything.
3. The tool and accessories should be of quality parts and construction.
4. The tool and tool kits should be manufactured in the US and still priced competitively.

To handle the first goal of working with a variety of rifles and optics, the Multi Torque Driver is capable of using any 1/4" hex drive bit (and even 1/4" and 3/8” drive sockets by using drive adapters) to apply varied torque values. The torque values are determined by the selection of the hex cut-outs that run the length of the torque arm. With these two features the Borka driver can apply 12 different torque values (15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 36, 43, 50, 57, 65, and 72 inch-pounds) on a variety of fastener types. While the tool is small enough to be easily carried into the field, it is accurate enough to not sacrifice consistency when used over a more conventional torque wrench that may be found on a workbench.

The second task of maintaining small size and light weight is achieved by using stainless and alloy steel for the spindle, torque arm, and hex driver and structural polymer on the handle and knob. The spindle is fairly short, while the torque arm is just large enough to provide for the variable-length torqueing lever arrangement when assembled. This length is kept short by having torque values split between the two sides: the torque value is set by placing the spindle in the correctly marked hole with the low range on one side and high range on the other. The knobs used for the driver are small but still large enough to allow for easy, sure, and comfortable use. This provides for a smaller package than carrying a single large typical adjustable torque wrench or driver, which can be the size of a larger socket wrench or a fat screwdriver. It also eliminates the need to carry a set of several fixed value T-handle wrenches. For those that don’t have to haul everything with them for miles, the Borka driver allows for a very compact tool that will handle a variety of needs that will fit into a small pocket in a range bag, stock pouch, or pack.

The third objective of using quality parts and construction is where many of the adjustable wrenches and drivers fail. Many of the lower priced units are inconsistent, improperly calibrated, or don’t last. The Borka driver also avoids the springs found in adjustable wrenches that can fail if not properly reset after use. By using quality components and a simple variable torque construction with in effect a single moving part the tool is both durable and accurate.

Finally, Borka wanted the tool to be manufactured and produced in the US, along with all of the accessories while being priced in the range of other torque drivers and wrenches that have been thought of as the industry standards. The tool itself is manufactured in Michigan, and the Mountz accessories that are part of the various kits are manufactured in California. The tool pouch included with the tools is manufactured by T.A.B. Gear in Texas. Depending on which tool or tool set desired, the prices range from in the $40 as a low to around $120 as a high as usually offered. Considering that one quality T handle wrench will cost in the upper area of that range, and the larger adjustables will be in the middle of that range but have fewer drivers and accessories the Borka driver is very competitively priced.

Description of the MG3 kit

The Borka Multi Torque Driver rolled up in the T.A.B. Gear pouch.

The MG (Military Grade) 3 kit includes the following:
MTD-15x72-12FS-MG torque driver (bit holder/spindle, driver arm, bit holder knob)
1/4" hex (male) to 1/4" square (male) adapter
1/4" square (female) to 3/8" square (male) adapter
T.A.B. Gear nylon tool pouch
Instruction sheet

The driver broken down into its components.

The driver arrived in a clear plastic envelope containing the parts above, stored inside the rolled up T.A.B. Gear tool pouch. The driver is stored broken down into its component parts so that the tool roll will be relatively flat. I selected the MG3 kit as I had a variety of bits, sockets, and adapters that I would need already, and I use a Versa Driver for breaking down rings, bases, and actions in the field that serves the same purpose as the Mountz accessories offered in the SRA kit (more on this accessory later). The driver is easily assembled, and the tool pouch is well made and capable of holding the MG3 and a variety of other bits and tools if needed. For my needs however, I didn’t use the tool pouch as I keep my rifle tools in a small organizer. The tool pouch has fairly deep sleeve pockets that while very good for the driver doesn’t have quite the organization for the several smaller tools and items that I need to keep on hand.

Tool pouch opened with driver arm and bit holder shown in sleeve pockets.

One of the sleeve pockets has an internal divider and has a little more room than the others.

The Borka driver with Versa Driver, bolt disassembly tool, wrenches, broken shell extractor, multiplier, socket, bits, and adapters.

MG3 Driver kit specs
12 fixed torque settings: 15,18,21,24,27,30,36,43,50,57,65,72 inch-pounds
Torque settings calibration accuracy: +/- 4% (This translates to a possible projected low of 14.4 inch-pounds to a high of 74.9 inch-pounds)
Assembled torque driver weight (ATD-15x72-12FS-MG only): 4 ounces
Total weight with adapters and carry pouch (MG3 driver kit): 6 ounces
Materials: stainless steel, alloy steel, structural polymer

There are other Borka Multi Torque driver sets available that offer additional accessories and a choice of several torque ranges as well. The Sniper Rifle Accessory kit includes a Mountz mini ratchet wrench, Autolock bit holder, 1/2" hex socket, adapters, and 18 bits.

A simplified torque driver is also available that has only six torque settings.

Use of the Borka Multi Torque Driver

The Borka driver components: hex bit holder/spindle on the left, bit holder knob showing O-ring center, and driver arm showing etched torque values and corresponding hex sockets on the right.

The driver is easy to assemble and operate. The hex shank of the bit holder is inserted into the hex socket that is marked with the torque value that is needed. On the MG3, the values are laser etched. Note that the shank is inserted into the hex socket of the arm from the same side that shows the desired amount of torque. By doing this the applied torque setting is NOT visible while using the tool. The torque value will be on the side of the arm facing the fastener and will not be visible while you are torqueing the fastener.

The laser etched torque markings on the driver arm. 65 inch-pounds is indicated.

Next place the bit holder knob over the top of the hex shank, securing the bit holder to the driver arm. The knob has a small O ring inside that will provide a friction hold on the shank and keep the tool together during use. You can then attach the needed bit or adapter to the hex socket of the bit holder.

The driver assembled with socket driver adapter in bit holder.

To use the driver, engage the bit or socket to the fastener. Hold the driver by positioning the bit holder knob with the palm of your hand, and tighten the fastener by pushing against the knob on the end of the driver arm with the fingers or thumb of the same hand. There is finger groove in the driver arm handle for proper indexing of your fingers or thumb. Continue to apply pressure until the driver arm knob “breaks” indicating that the desired level of torque has been applied.

The driver is held in place by downward pressure on the bit holder knob while torque is applied with the driver arm knob.

The driver can be used with either hand, applying rotational force with either the thumb or fingers.

An extension may be needed to clear the trigger guard on the rear actions screws with some bottom metal.

Never use the torque driver to loosen fasteners, or torque left hand fasteners. It is intended to be used for right handed fasteners only.

Use the Mountz mini ratchet or something else to loosen fasteners. Versa Driver shown.

I really like the Borka Multi Torque Driver. I used several other fixed and adjustable torque wrenches on several screws that I installed with the Borka driver and the differences were minor, with some having no perceptible difference. I will have an A&P friend check the Borka for accuracy soon to see just how close to the 4% tolerance my driver is. With this small and versatile tool I have eliminated the need to carry around a large adjustable torque wrench, driver adapters, sockets, and bit assortments. I can now fit everything I need in a very small organizer that is much easier to take with me to the range, into the field, or wherever I need it to go. The kits that include the various accessories will be excellent choices for those that don’t have the various items that are a part of those sets, but as I said for me it would have been redundant since I had those parts already. The tool pouch would be another great item for someone that didn’t have something along those lines, and is a very nice addition. If I didn’t have an organizer that fit my purposes already I would have no problems using it. When the price of the kit with the included tool pouch is compared to other adjustable torque wrenches and the fixed value T-handle drivers by themselves the Borka is a great value.

The Borka Multi Torque drivers and kits are available directly from Borka Tools, from Triad Tactical, and Brownell’s.
The Brownell’s versions are slightly different in that they do not include the accessories.
Borka Tools can be contacted through the following email:
[email protected]

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The tool kit in the picture lets me do pretty much anything I need to do on the SPS. For my M24 I have a few different tools, but it is largely the same. Mainly smaller hex keys.

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Borka MG3 Sniper Rifle Accessory Kit

The Sniper Rifle Accessory kit is an optional expansion to the MG3 driver kit. It includes a selection of drivers, adapters, an Autolock, miniratchet wrench, and socket. Boris of Borka Tools sent me his new Law Enforcement kit which consists of the MG3 driver, the SRA, and a new tool pouch.

The new LE tool pouch rolled up. The paracord and barrel lock fastener is replaced with a Velcro strap and the pouch is of a heavier nylon.

The pouch opened and unfolded. The general arrangement is the same although some changes have been made.

The complete MG3 with SRA kit on top of the pouch.

The Tool Pouch

The first difference that can be seen with the kit is the new pouch. Boris is using a modified design and slightly different material from the T.A.B. Gear pouch. The material used is heavier than the original pouch and the closure has been changed. The paracord and barrel lock is replaced with a 1" nylon web strap that secures with a small Velcro patch. It doesn't have quite the range of flexibility for stuffing the pouch as the original. The internal arrangement is close to the other sample I used, although the pockets have been changed. On the cover flap, a document slip pocket is now sewn in. The instruction sheet for the driver can be held in here or a manual or even small log book.

The instruction sheet is partially withdrawn to show the document pocket.

The pocket division shown here. The old design had a flat seperation that divided one of the lareger pockets.

The pockets on the other half of the pouch are very near to the previous design, although the internally divided sleeve pocket that was part of one of the larger pockets is gone. Otherwise, the pockets are very similar. They share the previous long shape with no internal organization. If the user decides to use the included tool pouch I found that the general design could be used to divide the contents of the driver and accessory kit efficiently. I put the driver assembly of the spindle, arm, and knob into one of the large pockets. I put the miniratchet in the flat central pocket as that seemed to be the best fit. All the adapters, drivers, socket, and Autolock went in the other large pocket. By arranging the components in this way, the tool pouch could be folded relatively flat so that the Velcro strap would hold the pouch shut. Of course, individual users may chose to alter this arrangement as they see fit.

The tool components aligned with the pockets in which they would be stored.

The SRA Components

The SRA accessories. The kit includes miniratchet, a set of driver bits in two holders, a 1/4" square drive adapter, a 3/8" square drive adapter, a 1/2" socket, and an Autolock bit holder.

The SRA kit includes a variety of drivers and tools that will let the user work on not just a precision rifle but many weapons. A variey of drivers are included for Phillips, standard, Torx, Pozidrive, and hex socket screws. Adapters are included that will work with sockets, and a miniratchet wrench will allow the user to loosen connectors. The 1/2" socket is used for ring screws. The Autolock holder is a magnetic bit holder that has a locking collet. It can also be used as an extension if one is needed. To use the Autolock simply push the driver or adapter into the Autolock until the collet snaps forward and locks the driver in. To remove, simply push the collet forward.

The Mountz miniratchet wrench. This wrench uses any of the hex drivers or adapters including the Autolock.

The miniratchet with the Autolock. The Autolock collet is shown in the forward unlocked position.

The collet shown in the rear locked position.

The modular design of the driver and SRA allows the spindle to be configured as desired with either the Autolock or the spindle inserted into the driver arm.

The SRA kit brings a lot of versatility to the MG3 driver. The Autolock and miniratchet make a great addition on their own if you have the bits and adapters already. For the user that doesn't have much of a tool kit or for those that want to add to their existing tools the SRA remains an excellent value.
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