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Bushnell Elite 3200 5-15x40 Tactical

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G'day guys. I thought I might christen the Optics forums with this question.

The glass on the Bushnell I have said above, Would it be comparable to the following scopes, just to get an idea really.

Leupold VX-I/VX-II
Falcon Menace
Burris Fullfield II Tac
Muellar Tac II
Any others of the same sorta price range.

I'm pretty much sold on this scope really. mag range, reticle, durability, turrent style.
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Well, Quick, here's my opinion, may not be worth much. I have an Elite 3200 in a 3-9x, nothing special, just a standard sporter scope. I think that it rates somewhere in the range between the VX Iand VX II, maybe closer to the VX I. I have a Fullfield (the original, not the II) and I don't really like it. Granted it's a little lower power than what you're talking about (2-7x). I has proven to be pretty durable, as I have it on my Whelen, and that thing does have a decent amount of recoil. Based on where the adjustment turrets are located, if I wanted to move it back any, I couldn't do it. And I think the Leupys are a bit more clear. No experience with the others.
Leupold VX-I/VX-II: Compare more to the VXII IMO, has better light transmisson than the VXI
Falcon Menace: Until they fix there turret design, no.
Burris Fullfield II Tac: Stay away from, not enough adjustment to them, they are a true hold over scope.
Muellar Tac II: Good scope, clear glass. Only fualt to this scope IMO very mushy clicks while going up.

Out of all of these, Bushnell hands down. Maybe the VXII with a milidot and tactical turrets.

I'll be testing a new improved wonders optic later this spring.
Ok then cheers mate.
I have one of these scopes on order from a local place here in Phoenix.

He's got good prices on a lot of different make scopes, even Leupolds. It's due in by the end of next week. After I get it mounted up on one of my new Savages, I'll report on it. I'm going to mount it with Warne Tactical Steel Bases and Burris Signature Zee Rings. They're on the way from Midway. Bill T.
Nice mate. Thanks for that. I look forward to your review.
Yes, I will also look forward to the review!
For anyone who is thinking about buying one of these scopes, Bruno's is the absolute cheapest I've found. He sold me one for $296.00. After the first of the year he said there might be a slight price increase from Bushnell. Bill T.

The scope came in and I got it mounted up. I really like this Bushnell 3200 Elite Tactical. It's really bright and very clear. So much so I just got off the phone with Bruno's and ordered another one for my Savage 12-F/TR. As I said, for anyone who is interested Bruno's has the best price on these Bushnell's. Bill T.
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Here are some pictures of the Savage 12-F/TR scoped out and ready to go to the range. As you can see I went with the Bushnell 3200 Elite Tactical 5-15X on it as well. I really liked the clarity, quality, and price. The Burris Extreme Steel Tactical Bases show up as a almost gun metal grey color for some reason, but they are very similar to the rings in color and finish to the naked eye.

Kind of a crappy through the lens shot of the reticle. It almost looks segmented because it isn't straight and vertical in the photo, causing the pixel blocking you see. Time for a better camera.

Really weird how the bases look so grey. For some reason the color saturation isn't as profound.

Overall I'm pleased how they both mounted up. Just enough clearance for the front lens covers. Bill T.
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I really like how that looks Bill T.! I've pretty much settled on an Elite 4200 for my flat top AR-15. I didn't see the 6-24 x 50mm listed at Brunoshooters. I should send him an e-mail and see if he has that one as well.
SemperFi said:
I really like how that looks Bill T.! I've pretty much settled on an Elite 4200 for my flat top AR-15. I didn't see the 6-24 x 50mm listed at Brunoshooters. I should send him an e-mail and see if he has that one as well.
If he doesn't have it, I'm sure he can get it within a couple of days. Both of the 3200's I bought he didn't have in stock, but was able to get them right away. You can phone or E-Mail him. He's a good guy to deal with. Bill T.
Looks very nice mate. I like the scope but wanted more power for my SPS. I think they are great value for money though.
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