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C. A. T. M-4 AR-15 Cleaning Tool -- Product Review

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Here’s my product review of the C. A. T. M-4 AR-15 tool.

From their website:

The Combat Application Tools, Inc. C.A.T. M-4 Tool allows the operator to clean the weapon and restore the bolt and carrier group to tactical tolerance in a matter of minutes. In the field, with gloved hands, and in low light conditions if necessary. The tool is currently undergoing field evaluation by selected units deployed in the global war on terrorism.

Here's a few photos of this tool "in action"...

C. A. T. M-4 tool

Twist the tool round and round a few times to scrape away the carbon deposits.

Cleaning inside the bolt carrier

Carbon ring removed from bottom of firing pin

My overall impression is that it’s a great tool for removing carbon from the bolt and from the inside of the bolt carrier. It will also help to remove the carbon ring that can form near the bottom of the firing pin. A few simple turns will scrape it away!

However, at $35 it seems to be a bit pricey in my opinion. It makes a good gift though... getting one for dad for Father's Day!!
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Thats awesome, But think about it this way, all those little tools like that that do cost a bit, they are soo handy when you need to do things quickly. I reckon thats great.
It's a pretty handy little tool, no doubt! It won't wear out that's for sure!
Looks like a time saver! My son owns an AR-15 and I end up cleaning it quite a bit. I will get one of these tools. Question- It looks like your bolt only has two o-rings on it. Do different models have different numbers or do you have some after market ones on there? Just curious.

Wow.. good eye! My RRA upper has the 3 rings. This particular shown in the photos is the one from my Colt upper. I may have to double check to make sure one didn't break or something.

I do have a gas ring that's one continuous piece, I may have to install that!

Thanks for catching that!!

The tool is a definite time saver!
Yep. I have always needed one and I didn't even know it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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