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In case you needed a few more firearms in your weekend (and who doesn't), we wanted to make sure everyone knows about our Online Catalog and our four new videos on our YouTube Channel.

The Online Catalog is completely searchable and has full color, high resolution photos of every single one of the 2,700+ items in our May Premiere Firearms Auction.

If you need some suggestions on where to start looking, check out our YouTube videos that show off some of the TOP guns of the auction in the following categories:
- [video=youtube;zgYiE4viBD0]"]Colts[/video]
- [video=youtube;kJaPA21wAsw]"]Winchesters[/video]
- [video=youtube;bPl2-l7fNrY]"]High End Sporting Arms[/video]
- [video=youtube;CzJD8ojjgBY]"]Our Million Dollar Honor Roll[/video]

Prepare to drool. You have been warned.

Have a great weekend everybody,

P.S. Click here for all Model 70s in the auction.

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