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Cleaning Barrel - How far do you go??

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Ok, I was cleaning my Omarks (I know its not a 700 but its my target rifle) barrel today are I was running patches after patches through it after two run throughs of the brass brush. Now near the end, I was looking down the bore and she looks SHINEY!!!! (with the rifleling looking in very good nick). But I ran a few more patches through and some stuff still camoe out on the patches. Soo How far do you gusy think I should go when cleaning it?? Until I cant see any crap or until the patches are completly clean??

Just looks for opinions. I have yet to pick up some Sweets 7.62 and/or some Barnes CR-10.
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I like to go until the patches are remain as white as possible. You may have had some layers of stuff built up.

Here's what I do and this gives me a clean barrel - patch white clean that is!

  • run a couple of wet patches with some solvent through the bore and let soak for a minute or two[/*]
  • scrub it with a brush for a few passes[/*]
  • run dry patches through to "dry" the barrel, note how dirty or clean the final one is[/*]
  • repeat the above as needed before moving on to removing the copper using Sweet's (follow the directions on the Sweet's bottle for copper removal - this stuff really stinks!)[/*]
Now, having said all that, I'm thinking of switching my cleaning products to this:

I want to get it down to using one cleaner and from what I've read, this stuff REALLY WORKS!

Here's what they recommend for cleaning instructions:

  1. wet 3 or 4 patches and swab through barrel, one direction only[/*]
  2. make 10 - 15 passes using a NYLON brush[/*]
  3. repeat step one...[/*]
  4. finally, push patches through bore until they come out clean[/*]

I like the idea of just a few steps for cleaning. I think I will give the Boretech stuff a try!

Here's some more info:
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Mmmm, Ok then. Cheers mate.
I picked up some Barnes CR-10 from Gun store yesterday and tryed it today. It works fast!!!! I followed the instructions and it seemed to work well. Would use this stuff again. Dont know about .22LRs though. I was considering it but decided no.
Quick said:
I picked up some Barnes CR-10 from Gun store yesterday and tryed it today. It works fast!!!! I followed the instructions and it seemed to work well. Would use this stuff again. Dont know about .22LRs though. I was considering it but decided no.

wondering if any of you guys use this, I use it on all of my rifles, it eases cleaning for me and takes ALL the most stubborn copper out.

WIPE-OUT™, a revolutionary product that solves all problems encountered with conventional bore cleaners. Traditional products may have a pleasant smell, ...
The bad news Quick is that when you run another patch after applying lube to the barrel, more crap will come out!

I've been using the Bore Tech Eliminator. I seem to like that pretty well. I've still got some Sweet's on hand though just in case!
I tried Montana Extreme Bore Cleaner, and liked the job it did, but you do need some serious ventilation.

I shudder to think about how much I have spent on cleaning stuff. I could probably go several years without buying any more solvent. I've tried Sweets, CR10, Hoppes BR, and a bunch of others.
Hi Quick,
I see we are on opposite sides of the country and that you shoot F Standard. I shoot it too, at Belmont. My elevation suffered badly in the second stages. It was only after drenching the barrel in solvent and using one stroke/pass of the bronze brush for every shot fired, that it would hold elevation for two stages. If you think this is a lot of work, there is more to come. We/I detach the brush from the rod at the muzzle. The rod is not pulled back with the brush attached. By removing the brush, there is no risk of pin-pricking the bore at the muzzle, when the stiff bronze bristles reverse direction, to go back to the muzzle. All of this is best accomplished with the rifle immobilised, as in a vise on your work-bench, at home. Drenching is performed with a syringe. Suck in some solvent and attach a length of hose to the end. I use 5" of vacuum hose, which seems to fit in to the chamber easily. The muzzle should be a little lower than the chamber. Brush for ten strokes and wipe clean. If you have fired 25 shots that's how many times you're looking at. I use Pro-Shot. Wipe the barrel, finally, a couple of times. Apply Pro-Shot ON A BRISTLE BRUSH. Work it backwards and forwards, say six times. Leave overnight. Pro-Shot won't etch like Sweets and Bore-Tech. When you wipe out the next morning, the patch should be clear. Had you applied the solvent on the bronze brush, the patch would be blue, because it reacts with the copper in the bronze. For this reason, I wash my brushes with a garden hose.
Good shooting
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