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Could use some help

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Hello, I have about a 5 year old 700 Santro in a 300 rum. I'm in my 20's and I dont Know a lot about what I can do to fix my 700. I will take it out to the range and one day it shoots great. Then the next day, it won't shoot a group to save my life. I have checked all of the things that I Know to check. My rings and mounts are tight. My shells are the same. I have scoped the inside of the barrel and it looks to me, to be in good shape. I have also went threw two different scopes, that are both good Burris scopes from what I think might be because of the recoil but I'm not sure. Any help on what I should do would be great!
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It is a good idea to start with the shape of the unacceptable groups. If you are getting vertical stringing, then your bedding is suspect. It sounds however, that poor grouping is a random occurrence. Do you always use the same ammo?
Speedy wrote this on about verticle stringing.

Another thought, the 300 RUM is not an easy gun to shoot well to start with.
I reload. have went through many diff. powders and bullets. Found H1000 powder w/200gr. accubond was shooting 1 1/2" groups @ 100. Take the rifle out next week, and it's shooting all over the place.
If you have checked everything out, like scopes, mounts, rings, using the same ammo as the time that your rifle shot good, and have checked the screws that hold the barrelled action in the stock, and the barrel does not have a build up of copper in the rifling, then I would say it might be the shooter. I am not trying to be a smart ass, but some days we just shoot better than others. The 300 RUM is a lot of cartridge with a lot of recoil. You might want to get a Caldwell Lead Sled from and try shooting your rifle in it. You control the recoil by adding 25 pound bags of lead shot to the sled. Then if your rifle is inconsistant, you might need the services of a good gunsmith.

Dave (Bubba) Thornblom
hey thanks for the help everyone It looks like I will be taking it to a gunsmith.
Hey all I just got my rifle back from the gunsmith. One of the things that was wrong with it was only one of the lugs on the bolt was catching. Also I had a muzzle break put on the gun some time back and the person that did it shaved to much off of one side of the crown and very little off the other side :/ So after getting the bolt resurfisted the action trued and glass beded and some work on the crown it is shooting better then ever! thanks to everyones help. I will post pic soon
Great result!!!!

Good to see it got sorted, now post some photos of your rig,
It will probably shoot a lot better now that everything nice and true!
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