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Custom Barrels

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Well guys,
My recent gun and accessory expenditures have not yet led to divorce, but once again I'm out to push the envelope. I've decided to invest in a custom barrel for my 700 SPS Stainless which is chambered in .25-06 caliber. As I've never had any experience with anything but factory rifles, I was wondering if anyone here has knowledge as to some of these custom barrel makers:


Thanks for any suggestions.
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I know several guys that swear by Hart barrels. They shoot 260 remingtons with varying Palma countours.
These guys are serious long range guys and thats what they recommended for my 260 build that may someday
get done while I'm still young enough to shoot it. I would think that any of the major barrel makers should be quite
Thanks for the info, BadKarma.

I have been doing some research and have heard good things about Hart. They can re-barrel and true everything up for right around $700, so off goes the rifle for another hole in the 'ol wallet.

All you guys are a bad influence on me, you know that? LOL
I hear ya brother!!!! At least we all suffer from our sickness together. LOL.
I have this mental picture of us all sitting in a circle in a smoke filled room, coffee running out of
our ears. Hi, my name is Mark, I'm a Remaholic, my wife left me, I lost my home, my job, but man I've got
some really cool rifles. HI, Mark, so on and so forth. LOL.
Seriously, for that money you should have a fine piece of hardware when it's done.
Keep us up to date on your progress. I'm anxious to see how it turns out.
I have two Lilja and one Shilen. I like them both. I have had all the others over the years and never had a bad one from any of the companies you mention. If you follow the Benchrest match results you'll find that they are all good and what wins today might lose tomorrow. Hart barrels have been around forever and have probably won more matches than any of them for that reason. They have some top notch Gunsmiths working there also.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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