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Does anybody know...

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this maybe in the wrong section....but im waitin on my bolt to return from gettin a Tac Ops knob installed for my 700 SPS Tactical.
while im waitin, im fixin to order a scope, rings, and base for it. will have a EGW 0MOA picatinny base, burris XTR low rings, and a SWFA SS 10x42 scope. does anybody know if the bolt will clear the scope when you go to load/eject a shell??? i know i should wait before i order anything but i have had the gun a while and still havent shot it...
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That's a tough one to figure out. You may have to call Mike at Tac Ops and ask him directly he may know. I know that on my SPS Tactical, the bolt clears maybe a 1/2 inch and that's on high rings and a 20 MOA base!

I would say it probably would clear, but I'm not sure with a Tac Ops knob.
It should clear. I have a 20MOA base, Med rings and scope and the bolt knob clears. It should with yours aswell.
Quick, could you snap a close up view of the bolt open showing how it clears the scope? I'm curious to see how much room there is.

Thanks in advance.
yeah sure mate. Ill get one up within the next day or so.
Gents, here are two pics that should help you guys out. The bolt in two different positions.

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Thanks for the pics! Looks like plenty of room!
I use Leo STD base with low rings. Abt. 2-3 mm clearance between barrel and 40 mm objective (Leo). And tactical knob moves free.

I just wanna chime in too. badger 20moa left hand base, bsa low tac. rings, swfa 20x and no problems
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