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Federal and Blackhills 175 gr .308 Win Help

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Does anyone have a Federal or Blackhills 175 gr Match cartridge in .308 Win that they can provide me with specs?

I need to know the following:

- Cartridge overall length
- Weight of powder charge

If you don't have a bullet puller, I will be happy to buy a round from you so that I can measure it myself.

Thanks in advance.
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Hey Trigger Puller,

If I am not mistaken, the Black Hills 175 grain load is 2.810" long and uses 43.1 grains of RL-15 powder. Very similar to the new LC M118 Long Range loading.

Dave (Bubba) Thornblom
Close Dave, it's 41.3 gr of RE-15 and the COL is on average 2.790".

Anyone else?
Hey Trigger Puller,

What is the muzzle velocity of that load?

Is this basically what the Black Hills load consists of:

Case: Made for Black Hills by Winchester
Primer: Winchester WLR
Bullet: Sierra 175 gr Match King
Powder: 41.3 gr of RL-15
COL: 2.790"

Dave (Bubba) Thornblom

PS: Is that velocity 2600 ft/sec?
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Federal rates it at 2,600 fps from a 24" barrel, which would put it at approx. 2,642 fps out of a 700P.

As you problably aware, rumor has it that they use something similer to IMR 4064 and of course would use their own Federal 210M priemers and brass.

I am waiting for someone to get a shippment of both brands (Federal and Blackhills) in stock so that I can order them and use them as a baseline. Although I can probably develope a load that is more accurate out of my stick, I like to be able to replicate factory loads so that my scope dope is consistant regardless of what I load whether it's commerical or hand loaded ammo.

Even if someone has a few and don't want to open them up, an average total weight of the cartridge would be of help as I can subtract the known weight of the brass, primer, and bullet and be able to come up with a reasonable idea of how much powder it contains.
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Federal used to use IMR4064 in there 168gr match ammo, but since ATK (owners of Alliant) bought them and LC along with Speer/CCI, Estate Cartridge, Intensity Optics, Shooters Ridge, Ram-Line, Weaver, Champion Traps and Targets, and RCBS, they are now using RL15.

FWIW the bullets are still Sierra's.
I am not fully convinced that 41.3 grains of RL-15 can produce 2600 ft/sec with the 175 grain SMK bullet in the .308 Winchester. The Sierra manual says that 41.3 grains of RL-15 produces 2500 ft/sec in a 26" barrel with a 1 in 10 inch twist. That is using Federal cases, Federal 210-M primers and a COL of 2.800". I think to get 2600 Ft/sec that they advertise, they have to be using closer to 43 grains of RL-15.

What do ya'll think?

Dave (Bubba) Thornblom
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