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Finally got Falcon Menace for my SPS

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Thanks for the advice to everyone. Picked up my Falcon Menace 4X14X44 at post office today. It's a TANK compared to the Simmons I had on it. Very sturdy, very heavy. Did a soft mount to check it out on my SPS (still waiting to get a new base), and so far I'm loving it. Only complaint I have so far is that my XTR rings seem really glossy compared to everything else on the gun. It says they're matte, but it's more like a "semi-gloss". Either way, scope seems solid and very well built. Scope caps are worthless, per every review, and in my opinion as well. Clicks are very audible, and I can feel them enough but perhaps not quite enough wearing thick gloves in cold weather. But the glass seems clear and of very good quality, and as stated before, this thing seems likes it's built like a tank. Feels like I added 10 lbs to my rifle, which isn't really a bad thing. Pictures will be coming. I destroyed my wife's digital camera on a hunting trip due to the cold, and my cell phone's messed up. Will try for pictures tomorrow evening. Hoping to shoot this bad boy this coming week. Once again, thanks for the advice.
And another plug for Matt at Wonder Optics... he actually shipped this scope the same day I was having problems with Paypal... the same day I mailed him a money order... PRIOR to him actually getting the money order. If that's not customer service, I don't know what is.
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Great, I hope you enjoy your scope at the range! I just received my TAC OPS Cheek pad yesterday, but it on today and it feels really comfortable!
It's a great product. You'll be happy with it, especially during hunting season. I'd throw some of your rounds in now so it can get used to the larger caliber.
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