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Fiocchi Brass

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Has anyone had anything to do with this brass before? Is it any good or should I offload it?
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I have weighed a few of them and they are all pretty close to each other. A bit heavier then the winchester and federal brass I usually use. Very close in weight to our military brass down here,
ADI. It was once fired stuff that I got. I have polished, resized, trimmed and I have loaded a few and will be testing them out tomorrow.
I have found 25gr of Reloader 15 with 55gr projectiles in winchester brass works pretty good in my rifle. I didn't mess around too much with load development with the fiocchi brass. I used some cheap hunting 55gr soft points, then 24gr, 24.5gr, 25gr of reloader 15 as the brass is heavier than winchester brass. At 100m I found 24gr RE 15 shot the best groups, around 3/4in which is as good as I expect to get with these cheap projectiles, I get around the same groups with these projectiles and winchester brass. So the brass is ok, didn't stretch and no signs of any problems. Think i will keep it and reload the rest of it, after all you can never have too much ammo.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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