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First time posting pics

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Okay so I went to the range the other day just to get my gun dialed in on paper at 100yards so I can start reloading and really tuning it in. It was a cold day, kind of miserable shooting a 300 win mag in that temperature, but I got through it okay. That Caldwell Lead Sled makes all the difference on those big guns.

Packing her back away


side view of my better half

There she is
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Yea it was cold, when I went to pick the casings up some of them were sticking to the ground.
Nice range! I wish I had an "official" range in my area... But the gravel pit isn't too bad as a substitute.
Yea its nice, see how theres 3 backstops? there set up for 100 200 and 300 meters. Not a bad deal for 120 bucks a year and that covers everyone in my family. They also have an indoor heated range for handgun and .22 rifle use. They have outdoor archery, as well as an indoor range next to the handgun range. They got a trail through the woods set up with 24 different deer points that you can shoot at with your bow to get a hunting feel about guessing distances to the target.
We used to have a local range here like that... even during the winter it was heated. They never did anything to maintain their business and they eventually lost it to the bank and had to move to the next couty over and had to downsize. They do mostly online stuff now and don't stock much stuff.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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