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I think the forums need to be wider to allow for bigger pictures. Have a look at my Omark ones and you will see that they are cut off.
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I think I will just allow it go go full width. Good suggestion!
Just a request to members... please resize images so I don't have to constantly scroll back and forth on my laptop!!! I've noticed that when on other forums, when somebody posts excessively large (wide) pictures I just bail on the thread.
Good suggestion, I usually try to go no wider than 640 pixels.
Why did the width change??
Quick said:
Why did the width change??
I'm not sure what you mean... are you seeing a different forum width all of a sudden on your computer?

Right now, it's set at about 95% screen width. Let me know and I can change it accordingly.
Well, my Omark pics used to be the full pics but now they are cut off. They are big pics though so that could be it.
I see what's happening. The forums are automatically resizing them a bit. Shrinking them from 1024 wide down to about 926 wide. It doesn't appear to be cropping any of the picture... just resizing it down a bit.
Ohh ok then. it looked liek it was cut off. The were full pics and you could se the front sights in the top one.
Interesting. Which browser are you using? Look at the screen shot below; I can see the front site in both Internet Explorer 7 and Fire Fox. Is that not what you are seeing?

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Ohh, Im using IE6. I hate IE 7. I'll try with firefox now though.
I hate IE... any version of it, so I know how you feel! I prefer 7 over 6 though.. if I have to use it that is!

There's other browsers out there... Opera, Apple's Safari...
Yeah I no. Im just most farmiliar with IE6 and Firefox 2.0. I use IE6 the most.
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