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future 700 owner

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Hello everyone
just wanted to introduce myself, name is David, been mostly a bowhunter but love my guns also, been lurking on a few websites(snipershide,snipercentral,6mmbr,etc) found this site,thought perfect because a remington 700 5r ss will be my next stick(after xmas).Like i said just really getting into shooting rifles seriously, wanting to learn to shoot long ranges eventually, plan on getting some smith work and new stock(manners or mcmil.) also wanted to say thanks, been reading alot of post and learning some great information from the abundance of information on all the sites
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Go to and look at Bell & Carlsons. Probably the same quality as McMillan and half the price. Just put one on my 700 (see previous posts) and love it.
Welcome to the site! Glad you found us! Be sure to post some pics when you get your new gun!

Snipercentral is also one of my favorite sites also. Several members here are also members of snipercental.
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