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I'd hoped my rifle would shoot well with factory Black Hills Match 52 gr bullets, but alas, it won't do better than 1.5 MOA with them, so I've been working up handloads with a variety of Hodgdon powders. Here's what I've come up with, in case it helps someone with a similar rifle. I've got a .223 Varmint Stainless Fluted Remington 700 model 84343 in a Bell and Carlson Medalist A2 stock, Weaver T35 scope. Rifle is now two and a half months out of the box, and now has just over 400 rounds through it. I'm not a hunter, but more of a precision target shooter (

Range testing was done at 100 yards from a bench, multiple 5-shot groups. I use military commercially prepped/'primed brass from for initial testing of gross powder loads (usually half-grain brackets), and then fine tune and test using Lapua brass with Federal 205M primers, 53 grain Sierra Match King flat-base bullets. The first two below are the fine-tuned loads, multiple 5-shot groups.

25.2 grains of H4985: 0.32 MOA to 0.58 MOA

25.6 grains of Varget: 0.30 MOA to 0.52 MOA

My next tuning is with H335... just using the military brass, 24.5 grains and 25.0 grains both produced .62 MOA, but four of five shots of a 24.0 grain load made a single cloverleaf, so the one flyer may have been me or the brass. Further testing of all three of those loads using Lapua brass and match primers will happen on my next range day.
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